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Success Stories

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We want to hear from you!

Hi! We want to hear about your success stories with IMR Powder. Whether you've had success shooting in competition, or hunting, or just honing your skills at the range, we'd like to know. Just send us a picture and a short letter about it, and we'll post it here on the web site. It's also okay to send a story and picture about a friend or family member.

Please mail your letters and pictures to:

Chris Hodgdon
IMR Powder Company
6430 Vista Drive
Shawnee, KS 66218

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!



Thomas Richardson

Dear Sirs,

To all the people at IMR Powders. I want to thank you for the first substitute black powder (White Hots) that really works. I have been a black powder shooter for 40+ years and I have tried every black powder substitute that was available to me. Your powder is the first powder to do what you said it would do. The first time I used it, I was amazed. I had five shots that were one inch groups at 100 yards. What amazed me the most was the ease of seating the sabot all 5 times with no noticeable fowling. When I cleaned the gun one wet patch was used with little residue resulting. When the breech plug was removed very little/no residue was present.

Thank you again for making White Hots Pre-Formed charges. In my opinion the best substitute black powder available.

Thomas Richardson

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Mason Parker

Dear Mr. Hodgdon and all of Team Hodgdon,


I just returned from the Alabama 1000 yd F-Class State championship where I was fortunate enough to win the Junior Category for F-Class Tactical Rifle (F-TR), come in second overall and set a new 1000 yard Junior F-TR National Record. I beat the current 1000-yard Junior F-TR record by 7 points!

I won this tournament and set this National Record shooting the IMR 4064

Enclosed are pictures of me showing off the results of using your product.

Your powder really ROCKs!

Thanks again for making a great product, for what you have done for me and all you are doing for out sport.

Sincerely, your friend

Mason Parker


Curtis Little

Hi Chris,

My 11 year old son Cliff, was having a difficult time handling the recoil of a single shot .308. Rather than purchase a new rifle, I was able to find a reduced recoil load using 25 gr SR 4759 and a 150 gr rn that did the trick. No more flinching. Thanks to the Texas Youth Hunt Program, he had the opportunity to take this nice buck. And thanks to IMR powder he was able to hold steady for the shot.


Curtis Little

IMR 4007 SSC


Wanted to let you know that i have a Merkel .500-3 NE that I've been hand loading for the last several months preparing to go the SA for buffalo. I'm using your powder (IMR-4007) and I've also used the H380 powder. The 4007 powder is more comfortable to shoot and shooting off the sticks I can achieve 12 shot groups @ 50 yards open sights, you can cover with a soup can. I've attached a image of yesterdays last two hand at 50 yards.

The most comfortable load to shoot with the Barns X triple shock 570 grains copper is with 99 grains of the IMR-4007 and the Federal magnum primer.

I shot four rounds over a chronograph 10 feet in front of me and received 1908, 1925, 1927,1969.

I shot four rounds using 100 grains and received FPS 1947,1935,1937,1945.

I shot twice (each barrel) with the Norma Dangerous game .570 bullet (soft point) and received 2104 and 1911 over the Chronograph.

Thanks for your product.

Tracy Lee


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Coming Soon


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White Hots

Brenda Valentine


The White Hots seem to be doing a fine job. I shot this good TN buck with them and my husband got a buck and a coyote while using them. I've depended on Hodgdon family of propellants for all my muzzleloader hunting since the introduction of loose Pyrodex. The pelleted form of this product was a grand leap forward as was the ever-popular Triple-7 formula. This season I was introduced to White Hots, which I quickly tried out in my Ultimate Muzzleloader on my personal proving grounds in TN. This stuff shoots like a dream! I can't wait to "check it out" some more!

Brenda Valentine

First Lady of Hunting (r)

TV Host/Outdoor Writer

Chad Schearer


I just got back from an amazing trip. God is so good. I took two exceptional animals with my muzzleloader. The IMR WhiteHots out performed my wildest expectations. This powder is amazing. When you hike in 18 miles and put your body through the ringer you better have confidence in your powder. I had no doubt as this ram stepped out that the powder would perform well. I cannot tell you how impressed I am with this powder. It’s super clean, ultra accurate and has incredible velocities. I LOVE IT! What a hunt for my caribou!.

The guide said it was the hardest he has ever worked for a caribou. We spotted him at 4 pm, took him at 9:45 pm, got back into camp at 5:00 am the next morning. The outfitter feels this should be in the top 5 of the muzzleloader record books if not #2 or #3 depending how it dries. The IMR WhiteHots were incredible. I shot him at 120 yards with snow and rain blowing in our face.


Chad Schearer


Tracy Lee

Mr. Tracy Lee writes:

Just got back from Africa August 2009 and had a great hunt.

Your IMR 4007SSC powder did what it was suppose to.

The buffalo had 14" bosses 40 inches wide and was an old Duggaboy.

We are on the fresh track of seven bulls. The bodies of the bulls are obscured by Mopani but I can see flashes of morning sun reflected from the tips of the horns.

Dear IMR Powder

February 2009

I settled on three IMR White Hots behind a 300 grain Scorpion PT Gold bullet with a black Crushed Rib Sabot. The three pellet load provided consistent 3” groups at 200 yards. My guide Clarke put his range finder on the Persian Ibex goat and told me that he was 187 yards below at about a 60 degree angle. He asked me if I could make the shot (considering the distance and my obvious dislike of heights). I informed him that I hadn’t come this far to quit now. I leaned over the rock and fired. The bullet nailed him right behind the head, cleanly severing the vertebrae. When the Scorpion hit, the goat looked like he’d been struck with a sledge hammer.

After picking our way down to the goat through rocks that I never thought possible, we arrived at my goat. He was done. As we skinned him, we saw that my first shot had blown a four inch section out of his backbone and came out the other side, leaving a five inch exit hole. It was large enough for me to put my hand through. That is a bullet with real knockdown power. That goat wasn’t going to get away. Although he wasn’t the world-class goat that I had hoped for, he was a very nice goat with perfectly matched 38” horns.

The IMR White Hots are absolutely the only way to go.

Dr. Jim Clary New Mexico

Tracy Lee

The wind is from our left, so we crawl to the right of the bulls. The bulls are uneasy and seem to jockey for position.

We crawl slowly through the knee high grass. I sweat and strain to see the bulls.

I see a very big bull with heavy bosses.  My PH gives a thumbs up and whispers "second from left". I reply with a nod of agreement.

I slowly push-off the safety of my .500 Nitro-Express double rifle. I am comforted by the thought of the 570 grain Woodley bullet in the right barrel and the 500 grain Triple-shock bullet in the left.

Lucky for me that I did not load solids. A solid bullet would pass through one bull into another.

The bull is broadside and facing to my right and slightly to the front, so my point of aim is just forward of the shoulder.

Slowly, I raise head and barrel.  The big double seems leaden but balanced in my hands.  The front sight is resting on the bull's right shoulder.

For a long second, the world stops and all that exists is the rifle sight and that black shoulder. I squeeze the rear trigger slowly and the trigger breaks like a glass rod.

The awesome blast and recoil send the barrels up and the last thing I see is the caked mud fly as the bullet strikes home.  Then, I can see nothing.

The barrels fall back into place and I see the old bull stumble on his smashed leg as he tries to run away.

As the bull turns away, I reach for the front trigger, I fire the left barrel. now aiming behind the smashed shoulder, a bullet rakes the lungs for the second time. Again, I see the caked mud fly as the bullet strikes home and true.

Now the bull is looking at me. We make eye contact and our eyes lock for an instant. The bull begins to turn back toward me and I know the bull is going to charge.

Incredibly, the old bull begins his revenge.  Then the old bull stumbles and falls to the dry grass.  He tries desperately to rise on his three good legs.

We move in for the kill.  My PH says shoot again at the struggling bull. Again then again.  The hot lead tears into the bull's side making two more thumb size holes but this time on the bull's left side. 

The bull's head now rests on the ground.  Slowly, the bull seems to relax and then comes the classic death groan.

At that moment all the worried looks turn to smiles. The hand shakes and exclamations pass round.  We are all happy that it's over and happy that it's the bull lying dead and soaking the ground with blood and piss, not one of us.  

Kole Wagner

First Deer

My 9 year old son, shot a 9 point buck September 2009 with your 165 gr. Nosler Ballistic tip loaded with 39 gr. of IMR 3031. This was Kole's first deer.


Kevin Wagner

Doug Gilmer

Hi Chris!

Early September 2009 I took a 300#, 6 1/2' black bear in Maine with a TC .50 Encore muzzleloader. We think it might be the first shot in Maine with a muzzleloading pistol. Thompson Center was in camp and saw first hand how awesome the IMR White Hots are. I used a 250 grain Hornady bullet and dropped the bear in its tracks at about 25 yards.

So now I am on a quest, with some urging from TC I am going to see how many North American big game animals I can shoot with my Encore pistol in .50 cal. Next year, elk and mule deer. This is a record Shockey can never touch being from Canada! Of course my gun will be loaded with either 100 or 150 grains of White Hots!

I will be your biggest advocate for this product. Let me know should you decide to come out with other White Hot products (loose powder, 30 grain pellets, etc.).

Talk to you soon.

Doug Gilmer

Bart Saunders Jr.


The day was wet, snowy (on & off) and windy with gusts up to 60 mph; however, my son Cord took this Wyoming buck near Gillette the morning of 1 October at a little over 150 yards.  Two White Hots pushing a 300 grain Hornady SST-ML & sabot launched from a Savage 10ML-II rifle.

C. Bart Saunders, Jr., MSM

Hovey Smith
IMR White Hots

Dear IMR Powder,

My buffalo hunt was a success. It ended with a stop at five yards by the Professional Hunter. Unlike most buffalo hunts this one was during the first week in April when the vegetation was green and in full height. It was a classic experience. Three days to find a lone "dogga boy" bull, trailing a solo set of tracks for over a mile, a shot in very thick brush where I could not see much of the animal, tense trailing for over three miles with it bedding down about every 300 yards or so, a flush and two missed shots by the PH and ended with a head-on charge and stopping shot in the brain.

The 530 grain steel pointed PowerBelt did very well when shot with the Traditions double powered by three IMR White Hot preformed charges (150-grains of black-powder equivalent). It penetrated the near-side leg, both sets of ribs and broke the leg bone on the off side. Had I been able to see enough of the animal to have placed it lower in the ribs it would have intersected both sets of lungs and put the animal down much sooner.

Wm. Hovey Smith Wm., author of Backyard Deer Hunting (2009)

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