IMR Unequal

IMR Unequal is one of a new IMR family of powders that have comparable burn speeds to competitor powders. This new IMR family uses new, modern technology to ensure the product is “green,” burns clean and, in most cases, results in more energy from each grain of powder. IMR powders are consistent in bulk densities from lot to lot, eliminating some of the variability inherent in other competitors.

Unequaled in versatility, IMR Unequal has no equal in modern powders. Combines small-sized flakes for uniform metering in all pistol applications and a burn speed that accommodates a wide range of shotshell and pistol cartridges. Top performance in 12-, 16-, 20- and 28-gauge, from target to light field loads. Handles pistol cartridges from 32 ACP to the 44 Remington Magnum.

For shotshell usage, powder densities are similar to competitor data. Most shotshell data is similar, but IMR recommends always consulting for the correct, up-to-date data and bushing charts. For pistol usage, pistol data is materially different from competitor data with lower charge weights and higher velocities at maximum pressures. IMR recommends always consulting for the correct, up-to-date data.

Available in 14-OZ, 4-LB and 8-LB Containers

Note: This powder will be available by mid-year 2018.



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