Data Warning

Every year, new cartridges and components are introduced. To a lesser degree, certain cartridges and some components are discontinued or lose popularity. Hodgdon strives to be the most comprehensive provider of reloading data for our handloading customers. This is the case whether using the Hodgdon online Reloading Data Center, printed reloading materials including our Annual Manual and Basic manuals, or our Customer Service Help phone or email lines.

All Hodgdon reloading data is generated using industry standardized laboratory equipment and procedures. Over time, ammunition components and even testing procedures can change. As an example, bullet construction continues to evolve and even the most current data may not be applicable to a new bullet design. With the variations and combinations of calibers, powders and components we appreciate how hard it may be to find the exact reload information for a specific combination. For obsolete powders, calibers, and components this is even harder and no current reload data may exist.

Our Reloading Data Center Helpline (via telephone or online) will strive to provide you with available information for combinations not listed or older components. We will give you the information which we have available, but in some cases this information may not exist or Hodgdon does not possess it. In addition, we may not know all of the facts related to an inquiry and therefore cannot know whether the information we provide you will be used as directed.

We hope you understand we will do what we can to provide you with information to assist you in your reloading needs, but we cannot, do not and will not make any representation or warranty that the information that we provided you for loading cartridges other than those listed and used with the exact components will be accurate or safe and hereby disclaim any responsibility for reloading of cartridges using this information.


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